A private sector initiative

The Business Collaborative for Brain Health is a private sector coalition dedicated to developing innovative solutions to enhance cognitive health across the lifespan. Its mission is to build brain health capital by fostering brain-healthy environments in workplaces and communities, and by creating products and services informed by neuroscience.

The initiative prioritizes elevating collective brain health by improving cognitive function and resilience. It emphasizes mitigating risk factors for poor brain health and also highlighting the importance of addressing hearing health. Recognizing that hearing loss is a significant yet modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline, the collaborative seeks to raise awareness and encourage proactive measures to maintain and protect hearing health as a crucial component of overall brain wellness.

Founding partners like UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, AARP, Novo Nordisk, Lilly, and GN unite to advance cognitive health for better business outcomes and to promote healthy aging, reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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